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Protest Poems – 2012



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Passion-driven blogging … challenges!

For the last three weeks our class and Mr Hausman’s class from Pittburgh, Pennsylvania have been sharing their passions with the world via a personal blog. I have been SO impressed with the posts … you guys really are very passionate!

Just yesterday we had a new group of students join our blogging project – in total there will be another 60 students from the USA joining the project. That’s huge, isn’t it?!

We would love to welcome the students of Ms Case from Bristol, New Hamshire. We already have a bunch of blogging challenges for you to complete if you’re keen. Here they are:


Challenge One can be found here.

Challenge Two:

Write a blog post that focuses on ONE of the frustrations you have with your passion (or whatever the focus of your blog is) … explain what this frustration is, how it arises, who is involved and how you overcome it. For example, if you’re passionate about creative writing, perhaps your biggest frustration is writer’s block.

Peer-assess ONE other blog post using the criteria we developed last lesson: content, media, engagement, mechanics.

Length: 250 words – include media (links, images, video).

Challenge Three: (optional, special post on Halloween)

Love it or hate it? Show us your passion – for or against Halloween.

We want you to write a blog post about your thoughts on Halloween … maybe you want to do some research on why we celebrate Halloween, you might want to write an opinion piece about why you love or hate Halloween or maybe you want to tell us about how you celebrate it with your friends and family, what are you dressing up as?

Length: approx. 250 words

Challenge Four:

Alright passionate peeps … you’re almost blog masters now. But there’s a few things you still need to perfect. These form the basis of the latest blog challenges.

Bloggers don’t work independently. They work as part of a community. A community that reads and writes together. Discussions via comments are passionate and sometimes heated.

We need to work on our community. Your task requires you to read a post from 5-6 different blogs (those of your blogging colleagues – you will see them all in the folder to your right —->)
You are THEN required to select FOUR of these posts to comment on. Use the letter writing format for your comments, and stick to the blog comment rules added as a reply to this post. Your comments need to ADD to the content of the blog post – don’t just give it empty praise for being an enjoyable read. Ask a question of the writer to encourage conversation.

Post the URL for the blogs you’ve commented on in one note to this group.

Challenge Five:

Select ONE blog from another student from the ‘Passion Blogs’ folder – preferrably someone from another country – that you enjoy reading.

You are to write a ‘guest blog post’ for this blog. To do this you will need to RESEARCH an area of interest relevant to the blogger’s passion. Using this research, write a 500 word post for your chosen blog. Be sure to include media to support your post. All images, videos etc must be atributed to the creator. Your blog post should reflect the passion focus of the blog you’re guest posting on.

When you’ve written the post, send the draft to this edmodo group with the URL of the blog you’re writing for.

If your blog is chosen, you need to proof-read the post then add it to your blog with the title ‘Guest post by …’




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Passion-driven Blogging … it begins!

passion  (ˈpæʃən) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]
1. ardent love or affection
2. intense sexual love
3. a strong affection or enthusiasm for an object, concept, etc: a passion for poetry
4. any strongly felt emotion, such as love, hate, envy, etc
5. a state or outburst of extreme anger: he flew into a passion
6. the object of an intense desire, ardent affection, or enthusiasm
7. an outburst expressing intense emotion: he burst into a passion of sobs
8. philosophy
a. any state of the mind in which it is affected by something external, such as perception, desire, etc, as contrasted with action
b. feelings, desires or emotions, as contrasted with reason


This is what we are focusing on over the nexts few weeks.  So what is your passion? Don’t know? How can you work it out? I kinda think that your passion is the thing you would always prefer to be doing. Think about the times your in the classroom doing a test, or you’re food shopping with your mum … your mind starts wandering and you’re thinking about what you’d prefer

Some people who inspire me to think passionately:




As you can see, I am inspired by passionate musicians. I find that musicians can bring together their music and lyrics to craft powerful works of art that force me to confront new ways of thinking about the world.

Of course, as you know because you googled me, my name isn’t associated with music. It is associated with education. This is because I feel that the way in which I can make a change in the world is through my passion for reconsidering education and its role in the 21st century. I find that I often have strong opinions about teaching and learning and the impact that formal education has on a young person and their future … and the future of our world (sorry for the hyperbole – but I really do think young people should be thought of as central to the future … corny, huh?).

OK – so today you have a bunch of tasks to do. Here’s the first blogging challenges:

1. Decide on a name for your blog.

2. Register your blog.

3. Decide on a theme – what colour will it be?

4. Write your ‘about’ page – include only the personal information that you feel comfortable sharing with people. It isn’t necessary to say where you live – of course you can say you’re Australian. Simply state your interests, why you’ve written this blog (not because it’s a class project!) and what you aim to focus on in your blog.

5. Write your first 250 word blog post. This one should give an insight into what you’re passionate about. You should also tell us someone who you admire for being passionate. This might be a person you know, a celebrity, a teacher (haha), a politician or musician. Include a picture (make sure it’s copyright licensed to reuse) or a youtube video that shows this person at their most passionate.

Have fun!!


Twice Life Repeats


Our tattered hearts are crowed vessels to hell  anew,
A choice unmade of accord to what is yet,

A vast sea of knowledge with held from young ears.

Innocent eyes traced with uncertainty,

Grave desires for ones so young,

Upwards we stare to a sky filled with hope

A promise unspoken to fall on deaf ears,

From stars as bright as our eyes once were.

To a land, who can’t accept,

No harm will come to the green and gold land of promise.

Judgement follows yearning youths to learn,

An unaffordable law binds us to forever uncertainty.

Wanting more, given less, twice life repeats,

Unsecure your future may be,

How more so when you can’t afford it?

The pendulum of life keeps swinging,

To the last beat of your heart, it encourages,

Something more than what can be earned.

Children we started, criminals we finished.

What was done, wanting a future?

Is that so bad to want an education?

Your backwards laws dictate more than justice.

It dictates life in its earnest.

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Infamous and Irreversible

In a room, you will find no pink walls or purple door

You will find a dark place written with signs of civil war

Beneath your bed, enveloped in fright

Hidden in the gutters till they appear in the night

They’re those petrifying stories your parents told you in bed

That succeeded failure to escape your head

Those were stories of the people painted black,

And infamous White Cloaks who planned to attack.

The White Brotherhood are demons sent from hell,

Given the mission to convey a spell

They will show no mercy till they’ve got their way,

And will show no remorse till they’ve crippled their prey.

There are several colours within a rainbow

Yet these cone headed brutes believe they stand alone.

The change of one voice could be the change of many,

And the form that this could take could be any.

We should not waste our time to ponder and be contrite

For what this time should be used for is for all to unite.


Asylum Seekers


Unseen and forgotten

Seeking help but finding none

Fleeing from one terror to another

With only blind hope to help them along

Who will hear their voices?

Who will listen to the prayers?


A strong man sheds tears

Over a child’s uncertain future

A mother mourns

For a baby who has died

A child yearns

For parents who are lost

They all feel so alone

In a crowd of thousands

Won’t someone hear their voices?

Won’t someone listen to the prayers?


Watching from the safety of your home

You see the horror and the fear

And see their children cry

But it all seems so far away

When really it’s so close

Will you hear their voices?

Will you listen to the prayers?


One voice can make a difference

But whose voice will it be?

Will it be you who speaks up?

For those scared and all alone

Millions are so near

And yet no one will hear their voices?

No one will listen to the prayers?


But anyone can make a difference

You could help those in need

All you need to do is care

Hear their voices

Listen to the prayers

Of the unseen and forgotten


Protest Poem


My brother stares up at me;
trying to find the words to recite;
As I watch in agony;
knowing he won’t get it right.

His disability is now in control;
And he’s frustrated with his inability;
On this family it has taken its toll;
Stripping away our stability.

People stare questioning his humanity;
whispering things that make my heart sink;
Their minds clouded with hurtful insanity;
If only they could believe what I think.

When he is wrongly judged next time;
I will show them their not right;
My words put together so sublime;
I shall tell them of his plight.

Changing the mind of just one person;
Can change the mind of many;
it can better not worsen;
His happiness, worth the same as any.