We Are All Equal


Your wicked slander and evil schemes

Your tongues of hate and fire

My body shakes, my heart screams

My pain is your desire

But what makes you better than me?


I am no menace, I am no danger

I am not potent, I will not fight

What is it that sparks your anger?

You cause heartache with all your might

So what makes you better than me?


I feel the burn, I feel the fear

You make darkness fill the room

I feel the cold, of a silent tear

I can’t get out, I can’t resume

How are you better than me?


You won’t concede, but i know you do

Feel sad, lonely, scorned and scared

You are a human with feelings too

The emotions we all have shared

So you are not better than me.


We Are All Equal.

  1. #1 by Amanda on May 19, 2011 - 4:22 am

    Star: I like your rhyme scheme (A,B,A,B).
    Star: I like how you ended each stanza (what makes you better?).
    Wish: I wish you had used more imagery.

    • #2 by Catherine on June 1, 2011 - 1:40 am

      2 STARS: -.
      -I love the questions at the end of each stanza and how you put them in “bolded” form.
      -You used really descriptive words and had a really good rhyme scheme, ABAB.
      WISH: I wish you could use more imagery.

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