Try to get our voices heard.

Scream and shout

Because we’re not absurd.


It doesn’t matter how we feel

Because they’re on a hunt

And we’re the kill


Warplanes fill the once joyful sky.

Bullet-ridden corpses,

On the ground they lie.


Soldiers firing indiscriminately

Like an unstoppable cannon.

Vehicles carrying blood lusting mercenaries.


Afraid to leave secure homes,

The sight too horrifying to see.

Don’t want to end up alone.


Death wishes are being fulfilled,

Leaving the macabre aftermath;

Innocents being brutally killed.


Eerily quiet, death in the air.

The streets look like a bloodbath.

Terror descends, which everyone shares.


Freedom to protest,

No longer exists,

The penalty being death.


How many lives have to be lost?

Are we just birds screeching away?

Or is it the wrong man we have crossed?

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