Twice Life Repeats


Our tattered hearts are crowed vessels to hell  anew,
A choice unmade of accord to what is yet,

A vast sea of knowledge with held from young ears.

Innocent eyes traced with uncertainty,

Grave desires for ones so young,

Upwards we stare to a sky filled with hope

A promise unspoken to fall on deaf ears,

From stars as bright as our eyes once were.

To a land, who can’t accept,

No harm will come to the green and gold land of promise.

Judgement follows yearning youths to learn,

An unaffordable law binds us to forever uncertainty.

Wanting more, given less, twice life repeats,

Unsecure your future may be,

How more so when you can’t afford it?

The pendulum of life keeps swinging,

To the last beat of your heart, it encourages,

Something more than what can be earned.

Children we started, criminals we finished.

What was done, wanting a future?

Is that so bad to want an education?

Your backwards laws dictate more than justice.

It dictates life in its earnest.

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