The Voice of Conscience


Careful there, boy

Don’t step too fast

You never know where

The booby-traps are


You are in Vietnam now, boy

So hold your gun tightly

Don’t ask questions

And you’ll be alright


Do you want to go home, boy?

You didn’t choose this war

Keep your eyes locked

On your buddy’s back up-ahead


Listen to the sounds

Of the jungle around you, boy

See the eerie green light

As it filters through the trees


The enemies up ahead, boy

Do you see it in their eyes?

The glint of malice?

The glint of madness?


They want to kill you, boy

Get your gun up high

Take aim carefully

Shoot ‘em right between the eyes


How does that feel, boy?

Can you still see the faces?

Over 50 years ago now

And they still haunt your dreams…


How does it feel, boy?

Do you still feel alright?

Can you hold your head up high?

Look your people in the eyes?


How does it feel, boy?

Do you feel like a hero now?

Fighting for your country

And cutting down the innocent.




You were just following orders

But that doesn’t matter.

You still erased

Human lives

Have you still got the uniform?

Could you wear it with pride?

Or would all of the pain

Tear you up from inside.


The people rose up

The voice of the masses

Was mightier than your gun

They broke their silence


The people of the world

Shouted against your cause

They marched the streets

Demanding a change


You fought but they won.

They brought about justice

The voice of the world

Ended the war.


But it doesn’t matter to you

For the lives that you took

‘Cause your heart is now stained

With the blood of the innocent



Can you live with that, old man?

Can you live with the fact that you have killed?






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