The Evolution of Protest


It’s become a part of our evolution,

The need to start a revolution.

Our desire to protest is a trait we share,

Whether it’s in the Iraq war or Tiananmen Square.

Protest has created positive change in a number of ways,

If it wasn’t for protest, there’d be no rights for gays.

When part of a guerrilla you must take a stand,

To defeat the popular demand.

Protesters should emulate people like MLK,

He protested for civil rights that still exist today.

Be it Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd or Queen,

Musicians always find a way to rage against the machine.

Through humanity, highs and lows,

Man will always fight against the status quo.

  1. #1 by gertrude Naffleton on May 19, 2011 - 4:28 am

    star: you have the best poem on this site

    star: the way you typed it was very pretty

    wish: lows wasn’t plural

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