Infamous and Irreversible

In a room, you will find no pink walls or purple door

You will find a dark place written with signs of civil war

Beneath your bed, enveloped in fright

Hidden in the gutters till they appear in the night

They’re those petrifying stories your parents told you in bed

That succeeded failure to escape your head

Those were stories of the people painted black,

And infamous White Cloaks who planned to attack.

The White Brotherhood are demons sent from hell,

Given the mission to convey a spell

They will show no mercy till they’ve got their way,

And will show no remorse till they’ve crippled their prey.

There are several colours within a rainbow

Yet these cone headed brutes believe they stand alone.

The change of one voice could be the change of many,

And the form that this could take could be any.

We should not waste our time to ponder and be contrite

For what this time should be used for is for all to unite.

  1. #1 by Serenity on May 19, 2011 - 11:22 pm

    it is a very well written protest poem about a subject that is very meaningful and important.

    it’s very descriptive.

    i don’t understand why there would be no pink walls or purple doors. i wish the writer would have explained better.

  1. How can people use their voices to bring about positive change in our world? « Creative Thinkers

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