Asylum Seekers


Unseen and forgotten

Seeking help but finding none

Fleeing from one terror to another

With only blind hope to help them along

Who will hear their voices?

Who will listen to the prayers?


A strong man sheds tears

Over a child’s uncertain future

A mother mourns

For a baby who has died

A child yearns

For parents who are lost

They all feel so alone

In a crowd of thousands

Won’t someone hear their voices?

Won’t someone listen to the prayers?


Watching from the safety of your home

You see the horror and the fear

And see their children cry

But it all seems so far away

When really it’s so close

Will you hear their voices?

Will you listen to the prayers?


One voice can make a difference

But whose voice will it be?

Will it be you who speaks up?

For those scared and all alone

Millions are so near

And yet no one will hear their voices?

No one will listen to the prayers?


But anyone can make a difference

You could help those in need

All you need to do is care

Hear their voices

Listen to the prayers

Of the unseen and forgotten

  1. #1 by Lillian Rosenblum on June 10, 2011 - 5:37 am

    STAR: I liked the almost scary theme to this poem
    STAR: I like how this [oem is encouraging, it tells people to speak up and one voice can make a difference
    WISH: I wish it was longer

  1. How can people use their voices to bring about positive change in our world? « Creative Thinkers

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